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House Family History

House is part of a much larger family of Germanic names, including Howse, Haus, and many others. Over time, it appears the name may have changed several times.

The House family appears to be traceable back 16 generations after me through my Mother and my maternal Grandfather.

While there is one listing in Germany, the House family appears to have mainly lived in the English colonies of Kent and Leicestershire.

The earliest name appears to DeHulse, which may have morphed into Howse, and finally formalled into House. Like my Schultze family line, it may not be a coincidence that the name migration falls into line when the family emigrated to the American colonies.

The family migrated in the 17th century into what would have been the early wave of colonists to Virginia. William House (Howze) appears to have been the patriarch of this migration as he was living in Eastwell, Kent, as a child but wound up in Virginia in the mid-1600s.

At some point, the family ended up in Tennessee in the early 18th century. Jacob House (1738 – 1805) is listed in the 1790 and 1800 census records as being a slaveholder. Luckily those slaveholding records appears to die out from there.

John Mack House (1800 – 1867) is listed as enlisted as a Private in Company E, Tennessee 19th Infantry Regiment. It appears he did serve with the Confederacy in the Civil War but his usefulness in the 60s was probably minimal.

The family appears to have moved into Kentucky over the next generation.

My Great Grandfather appears to have been arrested in late 1938 for Grand Theft in Tulare County, California. My Grandfather would have been just a few months old at this time. After that, my Great Grandmother remarried and he would be raised through the Voyles family for the rest of his life. For my Grandfather, “Dad” was Homer Voyles (1916 – 2010).

The Voyles family were “Okies,” and they did migrate to the United States during the Dust Bowl area. Indeed, they were often orange-pickers, as the stereotype suggests.

My Grandfather worked in many industries, including as a teenager for the Jacinto’s. and as an adult for Universal Rundle. He eventually opened his own business, Arnold House Cabinet, which was a cabinet business but sometimes people humorously thought built only house cabinets.

Chronological Paternal Line


Debora Carol House (Covington)

(3) Arnold Ray House (1938 – 2016)

(4) Samuel Raglin House (1898 – 1960)

(5) Joseph Moore House (1867 – 1929)

(6) Iddo Ragland House (1837 – 1907)

(7) John Mack House (1800 – 1867)

(8) Micajah House (1771 – 1828)

(9) Jacob House Sr (1738 – 1805)

(10) John House (1715 – 1753)

(11) James House (1690 – 1728)

(12) James House (1690 – 1728)

(13) Thomas House (1657 – 1735)

(14) William House 1 (1630 – 1699)

(15) John Howse (1603 – 1634)

(16) Rev. John House 2 (1560 – 1630)

(17) Thomas DeHulse (1545 – 1580)

  1. Also listed as Howze
  2. Also listed as Howze
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