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Schultze Family History

Schultze is a German name closely related to others with similar names like Schulze, Schultz and many other variants.

The Schultze line appears to be traceable about 8 generations from me, although the information from that time is obscure.

At some point in the 19th century, the name Schultz or Schulze was formalized into Schultze.

This line of the family appears to have its roots in Scharmbeck and the larger city of Hanover, located in Lower Saxony, Germany.

That area of Germany remains consistent through may generations until they emigrated in the 19th century.

Right: Estimated 1898 – Schultze Family Portrait

My line of the Schultze family arrived in the United States in 1855 and resided in Missouri for a couple generations. The 1887 family photo above was taken while the Schultze’s were still in Missouri.

I am the first in my line to not be named William since Albert Joseph Schultze was born in 1830.

The first William McKinley Schultze (1896 – 1954) migrated from Missouri to Illinois, to Washington. He eventually died in Pico Rivera, California. The largest part of this Schultze line has lived in this area of Southern Los Angeles County since.

A small street called Schultze Drive exists in Hawaiian Gardens, California, named after the family.

Many thanks to second cousin once removed Steven Wayne Schultze for all of his prior genealogical work that has helped to build this page.

Chronological Paternal Line

(1) Me

(2) William McKinley Schultze III

(3) William McKinley Schultze II (1922 – 1980)

(4) William McKinley Schultze (1896 – 1954)

(5) William Frederick Schultze (1861 – 1936)

(6) Albert Joseph Schultze (1830 – 1907)

(7) Johann Friedrich Schultze 1 (1804 – 1891)

(8) Joachim Albrecht Schulze 2 (Unknown to 1845)

(9) Hanb Jurgen Schultze 3 (Unknown to Unknown)

Schultze Family Images

  1. Also known as Schulze
  2. Also known as Schulze
  3. Also known as Schultz
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