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Two Dad Stories

When Dad was a young man he had an old pick-up, and he had just bought a bottle of whiskey.  He started out to see a friend and share his whiskey.  When he left town he a saw a car following him.  So back to town, he put the whiskey in the springs in the back of the seat.

Well, he parked in front of his favorite cafe, knowing it had a back door.  He went and sat at the bar near the back door.  Well he watched two girls tear that truck apart, but for some reason they didn’t find the whiskey.  Well when they left he jumped in the truck and got out of town.

Well, since I am telling Dad stories, I will tell one his sister told on him.

So their neighbor had an old Model-T, didn’t run.  Dad had a good bicycle that the neighbor wanted, so Dad trades with him.  He take a horse over and pulls the car home.  With all the bad roads, dirt, and rocks, the car had a spotless wind-shield.

So Dad parks it under a tree in the front yard.  Well Dad works on it for hours, no luck.  I think he said he was fifteen.  So his sister hears this loud noise, from the front yard, looks out, Dad jerks the crank out, breaks all the spark plugs off, and threw the crank through the windshield.  When I asked Dad about this story, he smiled and said that wasn’t the bad part, when he overhauled it he had a few parts left over, sure was a nice bicycle.

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