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The Truth About Barbara

Loving, Oklahoma, October 23, 1946.  No let’s go back a few months earlier.  The kids at Loving School are kidding me that I am going to have a little brother or sister.  Being the smart seven year-old, I was “NO WAY” Mom is just fat.

Now back to October 23, 1946.  The kids that live down the road and I are walking home, when we get to our house a strange car is parked in front.  Bob Kersey says “Oh, your Mom is having a baby.  That is the doctor’s car.”

“No way, Mom’s not pregnant.”

Well, Dad met me at the front door.  Go up to Henry and Allie Mae’s and wait.  So I did.  Well about two hours later someone came and got me.  I think Henry just told me I could go home, don’t rightly remember.

So I walk in the house, Mom is in the bed.  “Do you want to see your baby sister?”  No way, but she showed me anyway.

“Terrible,” she is all red and trying to cry but couldn’t.  Very confusing for a seven year-old.

Well I was still confused about this Father thing.  What do you do with a Father?  A fairly new Father and now a sister, what’s the world coming to?

Well I won’t go into the problems I had the few months.

October 23, 1946, autumn day, about 85 degrees and no clouds.  A very nice day.

“Damn it I was there.”

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