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Davidson – Eddie Erwin (1889 – 1969)


Wife: Elizabeth Hagen Davidson (1889 – 1969)

Son: Robert Charles Davidson (1889 – 1969)

Eddie was born September 6, 1889. Eddie was sometimes known as “Papo,” from his Granddaughter Jean Davidson-House. He married Elizabeth Hagen in 1912 and their wedding photograph was taken in the historic Aultman Photography Studio in Trinidad, Colorado. His wife passed away in 1918 due to the Spanish Flu Epidemic. He passed away in January, 1969, in Redlands, California at the age of 79. He is buried in Montecito Memorial Cemetery in Colton, California, at Area Olive, plot 3 – 482.

Eddie Davidson Gravesite


Elizabeth Hagen and Eddie Davidson
Elizabeth Hagen and Eddie Davidson

Random Notes 

Eddie and sister were youngest of many siblings, they hid from Father (Robert M Davidson – born 1853 – worked in mines and was a cook on railroad).  There is a letter from a niece of Eddie Davidson that told of how they were treated.  Eddie came to Trinidad.  Was in Park City at some point.  When Eddie was courting Lizzie, they would dress up and go to corn dances.  He also had a homestead in Boncarbo area.  When Lizzie died, he sold it to the Spencer family.  The Spencers were married to one of the Hagen daughters.  Robert C Davidson was 3, and one of the Spencers was 14, there is a photo of her holding RCD.  RCD lived and grew up with Grandparent Hagens.  Eddie rode the rails (hobo).  He had an old trunk, maybe 36″ x 24″ (?), it had straps on it, the large wedding photo was on the porch and got wet.  Eddie had a cowboy hat with a band around it, and the band would fit around Lizzie’s waist (she was slender).  The reason he left Colorado was because of the death of Lizzie.  Jeannie thinks he was a roamer anyway.  He had a pipe, he had a stand next to his chair, hit a button and he could clear his pipe.  It would fill up.  Jeannie cleaned it out once as a kid and it was gross.  His lip looked like it was bent from the pipe.  It was Prince Albert tobacco in the pipe.  Lived in small house (“white shack”) on Hughes’ property in Grass Valley.  About 500 square feet.  Outdoor toilets.  When Eddie met Hughes family, he got a cabin at Hughes/Brommels’ auto-court.  Lorraine sent card to RCD.  Then RCD got on a train to California.  Lorraine knew Eddie before she met RCD. Eddie and RCD were in Grass Valley Mill Street by photographer’s studio and RCD saw a picture of Lorraine and said “that is the girl I am going to marry.”  Lorraine went to Eddie’s cabin and exclaimed, “Where is my cowboy from Colorado?”  RCD puts his head around the door and smiles, and chases Lorraine out the door. Eddie told RCD that if he was going to court Lorraine, he had to buy a suit.  Iverna (Lorraine’s sister) had to be the chaperone for RCD and Lorraine.  Eddie was a very outgoing person.  There was an asian grocery store across from Hughes auto-court, and they called him “Noisy.”  On Mill Street there was a placed called Bunces, gambling parlor at the time, and Eddie would play PAN – full name is Panguingue).  He did meet a woman after Lizzie died, probably in Utah, who had a son about the same age as RCD.  They didn’t get along and didn’t marry.  Everybody in Grass Valley knew Eddie.  

RCD didn’t like Mentone heat, they got a swamp cooler in house.  RCD had a job with Big Bear Timber Company and was a foreman. He also worked at JLJ in Colton for a while.  It was maintenance but he said he didn’t know how to do anything.  

RCD didn’t like to do maintenance and would tell Lorraine to go hire somebody.  Jeannie was 8 and lived hear a resort she can’t remember before moving to Southern California.  RCD took a barrel when it snowed, old resort hotel, outside the door there was a wall and a sloping hill to the new resort.  Jeannie had a dish pan and would slide down the hill but would spin in circles.  RCD made a sleigh using parts from the Barrel.  RCD took Jeannie out to baby calves and let them suck on her fingers.  RCD made Jeannie a fishing pole and they had different ponds, etc.  Jeannie decided she was going to catch a fish, but caught a turtle.  She didn’t know what to do.  She carried it all the way to the house and RCD took it off the fishing line.

Ferndale, Jeannie had ceramic dogs.  RCD made a little dog sleigh.  When they moved, Jeannie forgot to get it from the school.  RCD did all the maintenance on his own chainsaws.  Back end of his new trucks, usually Dodge, usually would have oil and grease quickly.

RCD and Lorraine had a dog named PJ.  Jeannie didn’t want the dog but RCD insisted, this was Cocoa (the poodle).  PJ was calm but Cocoa was hyper.  Cocoa could get out a fence that was 6′ high.  When he got out, he would just run.  He was always getting lost.  

Burma Road, Jeannie was 7 and turned 8, her dog was Tippy.  After RCD got out of service.  Tippy was kinda hermaphroditic according to Lorraine.  Jeannie adored Tippy.  Tippy would follow Jeannie to bus stop, and would be there when she got off the bus.  Tippy never ran away.  Jeannie moved to South Gate when she was 9 and there was a 4′ fence.  Tippy wouldn’t jump over, he would dig under.  He would dig out and then lay out on the other side of the fence without running away.  At South Gate, Jeannie watched Beanie and Cecil on tv.  

Jeannie went to Ferndale after South Gate.  Jeannie moved back to grass valley when she was 12, and Tippy was there from 12 to 15.  Tippy went to live with Eddie until Eddie moved to Mentone (Jeannie and Lorraine went to get him) so RCD and Lorraine could take care of him.  Tippy was taken to vet and euthanized, he was really old and couldn’t see.  

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