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Family Veterans

I created this page on Memorial Day 2019 to chronicle those in my family who have served our country as Veterans.

Among my family and extended family, many have served the branches of the United States Military.  People in the family have served in conflicts including the Civil War, World War II, the first and second Iraq Wars (and likely more).

Some Veteran family members are still with us, and I will include them at a later day.

Robert Charles Davidson (1915 – 1985) – United States Army – World War II

Robert Lawrence Covington (1927 – 1993) – United States Navy – World War II

Arnold Dale House (1962 – 2012) – United States Navy – Persian Gulf War

Raymond Lester Covington (1920 – 1982) – United States Army – World War II

Worth Spencer Carpenter (1892 – 1945) – United States Marine Corps – World War I and Mexican Expedition

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