Photographers, Friends, and Inspiration

Photographers, Friends, and Inspiration

This is a list of friends, photographers, and people who have inspired my pursuit to express myself through the lens. Some are my closest friends and have been with many on many adventures. Some I have admired from afar. All have been instrumental in how I see the world and how I express it to others.  For a longer general list of photographers to follow, see this link.

Alexander S. Kunz
Lev Tsimring
Andreas Gursky
Lori Carey
Ansel Adams
Marc Adamus
Ben Horne
Mark Lissick
Bruce Barnbaum
Mark Muench
Chris Horn Mark Metternich
Dan Perez Matthew Kuhns
David Muench
Michael Frye
David J. West
Michael Russell
Galen Rowell
Michael Shainblum
Ian Plant
Mitch Dobrowner
Jack Dykinga
Phil Borges
Jeff Mitchum
Q.T. Luong
Jeremy Long
Peter Tellone
Jim Cline
Sapna Reddy
Jim Goldstein
Shawn Kasner
John Connolly Johnson
Steve McCurry
Jonathan Fennell
Steve Cirone
Joseph Rossbach
Steve Sieren
Joseph Smith
Susan Holt
Kristen Ryan
Tom Till
Lee Sie
Tony Aceves


I used to separate friends and my photographic inspiration into separate lists on this page, and then I decided that since we are one big community, and they deserve to be listed together.

Additional Kudos

I would like to extend an extra thanks to Alex and Jeremy, who have influenced the way I view, critique, and think about my photographic work more than anybody else.  Let’s go hiking guys.

Websites Vs. Social Media

Social media has become the dominant way that art is consumed online.  I appreciate the ability of social media to bring people together, but I feel the real way to truly feel the power of an artist’s vision is to enjoy their website.  While many of these friends and photographers can be easily found on social media, I invite you to spend some quality time enjoying their portfolio of work on their website.

About Me

I am a San Diego-based photographer, writer, and traveller.  Read more About Me here.

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