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My first experience as a kid with the environment came in the 1980s issue with the ozone layer.  I distinctly remember my family boycotting McDonald’s for several years because of their use of styrofoam for their meals.

The world isn’t so simple anymore.  Billions of people, sprawling development, and little regard for nature around us has created a host of incredible problems for human existence.  I don’t like things being called “Green” or “Save the Earth.”  There is no such thing as being green, and the Earth will likely outlast homo sapiens by a billion or more years.

There is a paradoxical relationship between existing as a developed society and saving the environment as we know it.  Development, invasive species, and pressure on vulnerable species occur anywhere there is a human footprint.

I believe that at this point, we can only work to limit future damage.  The damage we have noted is likely permanent and will exist as long as this planet orbits the sun.  If we can find 4.4 billion year old minerals in Australia, then our development and damage are likely to be part of the Earth forever.  What can we do to limit or mitigate in the future with knowledge of what we have done in the past?

American Chestnut Foundation:  http://www.acf.org/

Drain Glen Canyon:  https://www.glencanyon.org/

Restore Hetch Hetchy:  http://www.hetchhetchy.org/

Southern Utah Wilderness Alliance:  http://suwa.org/

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Pretty picture, but we should still Drain Glen Canyon

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