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Davidson Notes – 1915 – 1918

Written by Jean House as told by family members.

Robert Charles Davidson was born July 30, 1915 on a homestead ranch in Colorado, just about 40 miles West of Trinidad1. He was a beautiful strong and cheerful baby who was loved very much by his parents. His baby sister Elizabeth2 had died a year earlier and the Mother3 and family were devastated. Life was hard on the ranch, especially for a woman, but Lizzie was happy with her life, she cooked clean and took care of little Robert.

In 1918 when the flu epidemic hit so many of the US population4, Lizzie was pregnant again, when she got sick with the flu and went into labor having a baby girl, and both died, leaving a whole family in mourning.  Lizzie had been loved by so many.

The day of the funeral was the saddest day this family had to endure.  Baby Robert was held and comforted by Lizzie’s 13 year-old cousin5 all day, maybe for herself as well his.  He didn’t really understand all this, he only wanted his Mother.

  1. Boncarbo is actually about 15 miles from Trinidad
  2. Elizabeth Davidson (1913 – 1917)
  3. Elizabeth “Lizzie” Hagen
  4. 1918 Spanish Flu epidemic
  5. Kathryn Elizabeth Spencer (1905 – 1989)

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