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Covington Family History

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The Covington Family has English origins dating back to 116 years before the formation of the United States America.

Nehemiah T. Covington is the generation that arrived around 1660 and settled in what is Somerset County, Maryland. The Covingtons remained in the area before settling in North Carolina around 1770.

By the early 1800s, the Covingtons were in Tennessee. Around the late 19th century, they had finally come to California’s Inland Empire.

Charles Lawrence Covington raced quarter-horses, including at the Los Alamitos track. Robert Lawrence and Richard Lawrence both worked for the BAC Union, focusing on granite and marble installations.

Joan Covington was a well-known genealogist, at a time when research was difficult, grueling, and required extensive travel. She not only tracked her own family back to England at a time when that was difficult to do, but she did extensive research for other families.

Chronological Parental Line

(1) Me

(2) Richard Lawrence Covington

(3) Robert Lawrence Covington (1927 – 1993)

(4) Charles Lawrence Covington (1885 – 1965)

(5) Charles Thomas Covington (1859 – 1923)

(6) Daniel Asbury Boone Covington (1812) – 1897)

(7) Matthew Poythress Covington (1760 – 1839)

(8) John Covington II (1734 – 1809)

(9) John Covington (1713 – 1767)

(10) Henry Covington (1693 – 1744)

(11) Thomas Covington (1670 – 1709)

(12) Nehemiah T. Covington (1628 – 1681)

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