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Voyles Family History

The Voyles family is an addition to my family when my Grandfather was raised by Homer Voyles early in his life. Homer was “Dad” to my Grandfather.

The Voyles family appears to have come from Wales in the County of Denbighshire. John B. Voyles Sr. (1743 – 1817) appears to be the patriarch who emigrated to the American colonies, beginning life on this side of the pond in South Carolina. The family also lived in North Carolina.

George Washington Voyles (1847 – 1894) was born in Georgia, lived in Mississippi, and ended up in more familiar country in Arkansas, where the family set its roots. The next two generations were Okies, migrating during the dust bowl area to California.

As California has grown more and more crowded, several family members have gone back to Oklahoma and Arkansas.

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