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This music page covers my interests and passions for the sonic arts.  Although I am a visual learner and a visual artist, music is probably the art I spend the most time being a patron.

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My musical interests are wide and varied.  I have an extended CD collection with some vinyl.  I often say that I have everything from Slayer to Mozart in my music collection, which is true.  All of my music has been legally obtained.  I still prefer physical media, although I do convert much of it to digital for use on my computer and phone.  I am in the process of cataloging my entire collection on Discogs.

These days, I prefer to listen to independent rock, metal, electronic, and ambient.  But, I own a little of everything.  An entire afternoon lost in listening to a great album is not a wasted moment to me.  Its a great way to grasp the subtleties in the work.

I believe in the value of Record Stores.  I greatly miss the local stores I used to visit regularly, like Tower Records and Music Trader.  One of my favorite things to do is visit a local store, and immediately turn on the Shazam app on my phone.  I have discovered so much new work this way.

Here are a couple local stores I recommend:

If you’re in Hollywood:  Amoeba Music

If you’re in the Inland Empire:  Mad Platter

If you’re in San Diego (Encinitas):  Lou’s Records.  For a more complete list of San Diego record stores, see this link.

Don’t forget that April 21, 2018 is Record Store Day.  Go visit your independent record store and keep them in business!

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