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Whiskey Business

Written August 11, 2014

OK, Jeannie did it again, write it down.

Back in the fifties, Oklahoma was a dry state, no whiskey.  Well they did have beer bars, all alcohol consumed in the bar.  No beer taken out of the bar.  HA-HA.  All Southern States have weird laws, still do.

Dad, as a young man was walking through the woods hunting.  What should appear in front of him, a whiskey still.  He said it didn’t look like it had been used in a while, but it was all there.  Well, he thought maybe he would go into the whiskey business.  So he sent and got his friend and a horse, and stole it.  They took it about a mile and pulled it up into a big gum tree, and tied it in so it wouldn’t fall out.  It was a small still and they would wait a few weeks to see if anyone missed it.  Well after a few weeks and they heard nothing, they decided it was time to go into business.

So back to the tree, nothing, still gone.  Someone stole it from there.  So much for the whiskey business.

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