In this section, my goal is to include histories, stories, and other information about my family and my family tree.

Because of adoptions, divorces, remarriages, and many other occurrences, my family tree easily to more like a tangled bush.  With that in mind, I am focusing on the following family lines:

  • Blum:  My Father’s birth family line.
  • Covington:  My Step-Father’s family line.
  • Davidson:  My mother’s maternal family line.
  • House:  My Mother’s paternal family line.
  • Schultze:  My surname and my Father’s adopted family line.
  • Voyles:  My Grandfathers adopted family line.


Note:  Includes speculative information.  This family appears to be traceable back to Illinois.  While there are many references to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, it is possible the community is really Philadelphia, Illinois.  References are inconsistent.  There are also conflicting records dating back to a community called Golawanewsk, Russia from 1903.  Considering the geopolitical changes in Europe in this period, it is unclear if this community is still Russia or from another State.  There is a German-translated reference that may reference the community in Ukraine.  It appears that there is a heavy European-Jewish reference in this line.


This family appears to be traceable back to Covington, England, in the County of Cambridgeshire.


This family comes from my Grandmother.  There is a long line of Davidsons from Colorado, who were involved in the timber, ranching, and mining industries.  The Davidson’s emigrated from England in the 1860s.


This family seems to have been predominantly from the South, from South Carolina to Tennessee and finally several generations in Kentucky.  The earliest reference goes back to 1738, so the House family line likely comes directly from England.  In sobering news, census updates show some along the line owned slaves and fought for the Confederacy.  My Great-Grandfather showed up in Oklahoma.  While my Grandfather was born in Texas, he was raised from birth in Oklahoma.  He met my Grandmother in Mentone, California, where 3 generations were raised in the Inland Empire.


This is my Father’s adopted family.  The Schultze line dates back into Germany, where Schultze is a common surname.  The Schultze’s emigrated in the 1860s.


This adopted line from my Grandfather goes back to Oklahoma and South Carolina.  It appears that several Voyles participated on the Confederate side of the Civil War, including one who died at Vicksburg.  The last American-born Voyles was born in 1776.  The Voyles line then goes back to Wales in the United Kingdom.

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