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Davidson – How Robert and Lorraine Met

Note: This is a rough draft

Lorraine grew up in Grass Valley, California. Her family ran an auto-court at Hills Flat. Eddie Davidson was staying at the auto-court and told Lorraine about his cowboy son Robert back in Colorado. Lorraine at some point sent a card to him in Boncarbo, outside of Trinidad, Colorado.

At some point, Robert visited his Father in Grass Valley. Passing a photo studio on Main Street, Robert saw photographs on display. He said one in particular was a pretty lady he was going to marry. That lady happened to be Lorraine.

Finally, Lorraine walked into Eddie’s door and loudly asked, “So where is my cowboy?” She did not know Robert was behind the door. He poked his head around the door with a smile, Lorraine was embarrassed, and ran out. Robert gave chase and caught up to her.

Eddie made Robert get a suit and dress up while courting Lorraine. 10 year old Iverna was their chaperone on their dates. From that point, they were together.

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