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What I Remember

I am doing this under extreme pressure.  Jeannie and I sat outside on the porch in the afternoon and played cards.  Well, I start telling funny and weird things that have happened to me.

Well, she says you have to write this down.

My first memories were Mom and I living with Grandma Oaks in Loving, Oklahoma.  I must have been three or four.  Long before I started school.  I remember a big black walnut tree in her front yard.  Billy her dog and I used to play under it.  On hot day he would be digging holes under it, he and I would lay in the holes.  I would use spam cans for tractors and build roads all over.

Grandma and Mom rented this little house from Henry Roop.  He rasied cattle, cotton, and corn.  Grandma Oaks and Mom used to work for him once in a while, picking and chopping cotton.  One day it was very cold and a car pulled up outside, it was a neighbor.  We should go to Henry’s that evening, the President was going to be on the radio.  President was going to declare war!  It was probably about a quarter of a mile to Henry’s but lie I said it was very cold.  I remember wanting Mom to carry me, you walk, she said.  When we got to Henry’s this old style tabletop radio was setting on the floor of the living room, wires ran through the bedroom door to a car battery.  It worked more of less, kept fading in and out, guys kept messing with it.  I have no idea what I heard.

I forgot to mention my Grandfather Oaks died a few months before I was born.

Next thing I remember was trips on the train from Oklahoma to California and Oklahoma to Texas.  Trains were full of servicemen very crowded.  I remember Mom and I changing trains somewhere and running to catch the train, and after we felt the station conductor said we got on the wrong train, we had to go back.  On this wrong trip, I remember everyone looking out one side of the train they said it was the Great Salt Lake, was it?  I don’t.

I remember Uncle Jerry coming home from boot camp on his way overseas.  Jerry gave me his Bible, still have it.  Everyone in service was given a Bible.  Uncle Waymon was already in the service.  These were Mom’s younger brothers.

Arnold Ray House

Note:  The Bible mentioned in this passage has been passed on to my Brother, Sergeant First Class Steven Robert Schultze, a 20-year veteran of the United States Army.

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