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House – Arnold Dale (1960 – 2012)

Father: Arnold Ray House (1938 – 2016)

Mother: Jean Davidson-House

Arnold was born April 1, 1960. In 1978, he enlisted in the United States Navy. He served on several air craft carriers, including the USS America. He was primarily an Aviation Ordnanceman, specifically working with the fighting equipment on the F-18. He was stationed in several naval locations, including in San Diego, Virginia, Jacksonville, Florida, and NAS Lemoore. He was a Petty officer first class at the time of his retirement.

During his retirement, he lived in Arizona in communities like Payson and Goodyear. He worked for TSA, as a truck driver, sometimes drove Honda and Suzuki motorcycles, and enjoyed his retirement as a Veteran.

He passed away November 6, 2012. He is buried at the National Memorial Cemetery of Arizona in Phoenix, in Area 55, Site 4816. He is located near the Northwest corner of the cemetery property.

Arnold Dale House 2011 Thanksgiving


Tennis Balls

As told by daughter, Stacey Salinas

A few yrs ago after bringing the kids to my mom and dad’s house. My dad called to ask what had happened to the dogs tennis balls. Maybe the kids threw them over the wall. I asked the kids and they said no. So Sarah and I went to the dollar store and bought A lot of tennis balls. Around 9pm on a Saturday night we all got into our cars including the grandkids and we go out and quietly threw them over the backyard wall. The next day my mom called, she thought it was funny. Later on my dad said he couldn’t figure out what the dogs were going nuts for and sure enough a bunch of tennis balls in the backyard the next morning.


Arnold Dale House 2011 ThanksgivingArnold Dale, Jeannie, and Arnold HouseArnold Dale, Jeannie, and Arnold House(1968 – 1969 est.) – Dale Yerton, my Uncle Dale, and my grandfather.Arnold Dale House Gravesite

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