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Equipment I Use

  • Mobile
    • Apple iPhone 13 Pro Max
    • Apple iPad 9th Generation
    • Software
      • Adobe Photoshop Lightroom Classic
      • Adobe Photoshop CC
      • BBEdit (Apple OSX only, HTML, CSS, markup)
    • Apps
      • The Photographer’s Ephemeris (Apple iOS and Google Android)
      • Remember The Milk (Task Management)

I have many Hot Takes on equipment, gear, and other items and I am happy to share my favorites in this exhaustive list below:

Compute: I do all of my work on Apple systems. I find MacOS to be the best operating system ever created. While I use Windows for work applications and mess around with various Linux distributions as a hobby, I am most at home with Apple.

Pencils: I still prefer the Pentel PD345, the discontinued original side-clicker mechanical pencil and still the best ever made. I buy these on eBay when available. I wish Pentel would bring them back.

Pens: I prefer the Pilot EasyTouch Medium Point Ballpoint Pen, Black. Also difficult to find and I do not know if they are discontinued. I have hoard-purchased a lot of these on Amazon.

Photography: I use the Nikon platform, and still use the F-mount. I see little real reason to move to mirrorless.

Web Development: I am a believer in the WordPress platform. I still use Classic Editor for Posts and dabble with the Gutenberg Editor for Pages.

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