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The 2023 New Year’s Resolutions Committee Has Met

It is that time of year again, when we make those fabled New Year’s Resolutions.  Here, I offer up my own set of resolutions, and also handicap the likelihood of follow-through and completion of each.In the past, I have tried to be honest in my New Year’s posts.  Also, tried some New Year’s optimism.  I have even tapped into my inner pessimist (this isn’t difficult).

But alas, here we are, and it is now 2023 and for weeks on end I will be accidentally typing 2022 into work documents.  Let’s do these Resolutions and handicap the expected results.

1. 180 Pounds.

Background: So, I am a ways from this. After losing some weight at the beginning of the pandemic, but as the reality set in that we were a long way out of this (and maybe never out of it), all the bad habits set in.  And when those bad habits set in, they bring this feeling of hopelessness that feeds on itself.

How do you break that cycle?  I don’t really know – my brain takes all the stress, anxiety, and sadness into the warm caresses of artery-clogging food.  So your brain really loses the connection between food and sustenance.  It is just that the stress-coping happens to be food with (slight) nutrition that keeps your body going.

So, here we are.  I will track this weekly.  See if my pace gets me to where I want to be by the end of 2023, and reflect on the journey.

Handicap:  Who am I kidding?  0% chance of completion.

2. Average 7,500 Steps Per Day.  Make Up Steps For Any Days Missed.

Background:  This one is fine.  I have mostly done that in the past, with a few hiccups here and there.  I did not do this in 2022, as I missed my count for about 40 days, and I do have intentions of making that up.

Handicap:  70% chance of completion.

3.  Ride my exercise bike for 30 minutes per day.  Can be broken into increments if needed.  Make up any days missed.

Background:  Friends Vianney and Vince ordered this to be added to the list at gunpoint.  And who can blame them, they got me the bike as a birthday present after I said HELL NO to go to an indoor gym every again.  The bike is nice, and after a seat replacement, comfortable as well.

So I have zero excuse.

Handicap:  20% change of completion.  I may get yelled at during our monthly Zoom calls.  But maybe because of Resolution 1, I will not be eating Del Taco while getting yelled at.

4. 36 Blog Posts on my website in 2023.  And not just photography.

Background:  I want to write more, and my blogs are the easiest way to do it.  I am good with my Photo of the Month blog posts, but not as much other work.  I counted and I did 31 blog posts in 2022, so perhaps this goal isn’t ambitious enough.  Or, just the right amount of ambition, considering the handicap on the majority of this list.

Handicap:  70% chance of completion.  At some point in the year.

5. Give Up Soda

Background:  I love soda.  Soda has no nutritional value.

Handicap:  20% chance of completion.

6. Eat Fast Food Only 12 Times During The Year

Background:  Well, its fast food.  You don’t build this Dad Bod out of nowhere.  This doesn’t count road travel.  Sorry.

Handicap:  50% of completion.  I know nobody believes me, but I will just not allow it to be an option.

7. Stop Eating Red Meat (except…).  Give Myself 12 Times A Year.  A man needs an occasional steak or hamburger.

Background:  Well, see the one above.  This one is going to be tough.

Handicap:  30% chance of completion.

8. Save 10% of my income

Background:  I am getting old.  I don’t want to work until I am 92.  My 401K doesn’t have enough.  Just like 200 million Americans.

Handicap:  10% chance of completion.

9. Write 100,000 Words

Background:  I always say I am going to dedicate more time to writing, a hobby long before photography.  But it requires time with zero distractions, and this computer is so distracting.

Handicap:  0% chance of completion.

10. Redacted

Backgound:  This one is important, in fact, the most important, but I am keeping it to myself, blog readers.

Handicap:  100% chance of completion.



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