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New Year’s Day – The Most Optimistic Day Of The Year

New Year’s Day is the greatest day of the year.  Be happy.  Be happier.  Eat better.  Exercise more.  Be a success.  Get back to your ideal weight.  Stay focused.  Save money.  Pay down debt.  Be more amiable.  Meet somebody.  Fall in love.  More importantly, have them fall in love with you.  Take fewer photographs.  Take higher quality photographs.  Stay off social media.  Stay away from television.  Stay away from politics.  Waste less.  Consume less.  Be less materialistic.  Write more.  Write that novel.  Find a publisher.  Don’t fear the future.   Or the reaper.  Lifehack without being too obsessed with lifehacking.  Learn to code.  Learn to code in multiple languages.  Rebuild your career.  Get that promotion.  Look for a new field.  Have a career plan.  Network with more people.  Be more social.  Make more friends.  Have less anxiety.  Worry less.  Embrace that mid-life crisis.  Make a difference to others.  Get to know more people.  Spend fewer nights at home.  Admire the stars.  Make a few images of them.  Wish upon a meteor.  Don’t worry if your wish comes true or not.  Be optimistic for the future.  Make all your dreams come true.  The world is your oyster.  You can do this.  You can do it.  You got his.  Starting today, on New Year’s Day.  All is quiet on New Year’s Day.

Don’t fret when none of these come true in 2017.

2016 Here I Come

2016 Here I Come

2016 is here!  After a very busy year in 2015 following some of my Scouting pursuits, I am hoping to focus on my artistic endeavors this year. Continue reading

Recommended Ted Talks

Recommended Ted Talks

While I feel that Ted Talks can be snobby and elitist, every once in a while, there is one that really stands out.  Below is a list that I don’t mind.

Missing Out On Opportunities

Best Meteor Shower In Years

Tonight is one of the best opportunities to photograph the best Perseid Meteor Shower in years, and yet I find myself at home with a myriad of reasons I am not out making art.

Because the meteor shower this year coincides with a new moon, the opportunity to see and photograph is great.  Yet not planning ahead and managing the things that keep me from being artistically productive has grounded me. Continue reading

Staying Productive In A Myriad Of Distractions

Staying Productive In A Myriad Of Distractions

One of my biggest challenges is staying productive in a myriad of distractions. At every turn, there are numerous ways to make you unproductive. Before you know it, days, weeks, and months, or even years pass by and you wonder where all the time has gone by. It is incredibly frustrating when you know you have so much to offer but have little to show for it. Continue reading

Make Goals, Not Resolutions, In 2015

Resolutions are the worst.  They are made to be broken.  They imply impending failure rather than achievement.  They focus solely on the result, ignoring the planning and thought process that is most important.

Goals are what your resolutions should be, especially if they are SMART goals (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, and Timely.

A common resolution is to lose weight, often to a specific number.  The scale becomes an instrument of dreadfulness.  When you find yourself not on track to meet that number, you allow guilt and failure to rule your mind.  If you set a goal correctly, you can allow for failure as a normal process.  Failure shouldn’t mean the end of what you do, it should be noted as something that happens.

Failure allows you to reassess and modify your goal moving forward.  It allows you to examine your diet and exercise.  You may find you are consuming more calories daily than you expected, or you may look at your exercise routine and realize you need more to meet your goal.  When you make a resolution, failure is the end of the road.  If you make the right kinds of goals, you take failure as a momentary plateau on the way to success.

This was relevant to me this morning when I stood on the scale like many people and wasn’t quite happy with what I saw.  I made a lot of progress in my health in 2014, and I feel I am halfway to where I want to be.  I spent part of the morning looking at what I can do to tighten up my routine.  I have a set of adjustments that I think will help, and with a plan to stick to it, I think I can get over the plateau I am stuck at.

That’s the beauty of making goals, not resolutions.