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December 2022 Photo of the Month: JT356

My December Photo of the Month is JT356, photographed on Christmas morning in Joshua Tree National Park.

JT356 is a photograph by T.M. Schultze taken 2022 at Joshua Tree National Park, California

JT356 Background

December isn’t the most exciting Photo of the Month, because inevitably I have blogged about it on a trip report, and also likely added it to my Annual Best Of post.  But here we are, and we must continue the streak, which is now up to 10 years of these blog posts.

Plus, I have decided to terminate these Christmas visits for reasons I blogged about, and some other personal reasons.  What happens next Christmas?  I really do not know at this point, but I am hoping for some life changes in 2023 that change things up quite a bit.

That doesn’t mean the Joshua Tree visits need to stop, but perhaps not on holiday weekends, being a little more scarce during peak tourist season, and exploring some of the hard-to-reach locations in the park (Jeremy, need your 4x for that, thanks…).

A rock is just a rock, and oh boy, there sure are many here.  It could have just as easily been called Monzogranite National Park.  But sometimes, at certain moments, something magical happens.  Sometimes with brilliant color that I think I need to tone down in Lightroom.

Those moments keep us coming back, to these very places.

It is hard to believe that 2022 is done, and 2023 arrives tomorrow.

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