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2016 Here I Come

2016 Here I Come

2016 is here!  After a very busy year in 2015 following some of my Scouting pursuits, I am hoping to focus on my artistic endeavors this year.

How Did I Do In 2015?

2015 Walking and Hiking - What Will I Do In 2016?
2015 Walking and Hiking

Last year, I made a goal of walking/hiking 730 miles, which I revised to 2,200 miles when I realized my pace.  After 32.8 miles on December 31, I finished up at 2,200.20 miles.  In 2016, I simply want to continue this pace.

As far as fitness, I initially did very well with my diet through the first half of the year, but as my conference approached in July, I definitely fell off the wagon.  I have much work to do here in 2015.

My writing goals were not accomplished.  While I created a large set of outlines for future story writing, I just didn’t get them written and completed.

I did manage to co-write the Photographers Guide To Joshua Tree National Park, and it was published on Black Friday.  This was a huge accomplishment, and I hope a springboard for future publishing.

I also made the move to switch my website over to WordPress.  I long resisted the change due to my self-taught background in writing HTML, CSS, etc.  When Google changed their algorithm to prioritize mobile layouts and responsive design, I knew I had to make the jump.

2016 Goals

This year, I want to complete my first short story collection.  I would start with an eBook, following up with a hard copy edition.

This year, I want to complete my first personal photo book.  This would be a limited-edition hard cover physical edition.

This year, I want to complete two (2) additional photography eBooks with my friend and book partner, Jeremy Long.

This year, I want to put together an art book with some of my drawing.  This will not be an easy task because I have only dabbled in drawing.

This year, I want to climb all of the principle peaks in San Diego County (Hot Springs, Cuyamaca, Tecate, Stonewall, Viejas, El Cajon, Black, Longs Valley, and all 5 Mission Trails Summits).

I also want to be able to review this post weekly and revise as necessary, so the post you see on January 1 may not necessarily look the same on December 31.  Sometimes, a goal may not be feasible, while other times, further ambition is available.

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