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An Update At One Week

Since I spoke about all these New Year’s Resolutions, I thought I would share an update on how those things are going so far.I don’t plan to do this every week, because you, dear reader, would find that annoying.  But perhaps I will check in again in a month, and perhaps a few months after that, and a little from there.

So how am I doing?

Resolution 1:  180 Pounds

I lost 3.8 pounds this past week.  Turns out, exercise and not eating fast food works.  Who knew?

That being said, long, long, way to go.

Resolution 2:  7,500 Steps

All done.  Easy.  I mentioned this goal wasn’t ambitious enough.

Resolution 3:  Exercise Bike, 30 Minutes Per day

This one is also done.  Not as easy as the walking.  I’ve had a couple angry stare-downs with the bike.  I even bought a replacement seat because the stock seat was way too uncomfortable.  I’ve also done 5 to 10 minute increments, which as it turns out, works great with work.  Frustrating email?  Take it out on the bike for a few minutes.

One interesting thing to note.  I find the walking and hiking is felt most in my calf muscles.  A long walk or hike, that is where I feel it.  However, on the bike, I really felt it in my quads.  So it seems to be working a different muscle group.

Resolution 4:  36 Blog Posts this year.

This is blog post # 2.  Near mid-January.  We’re fine on this one.  I should have gone with 48.

Resolution 5:  Give Up Soda

Eh, let’s check back in on this one.  You can’t be on track for every resolution.

Resolution 6:  Fast Food (Only 12 Times)

Okay so far, have resisted it all.  I travelled to Redlands this weekend for some of the Scouting historical work I do as a hobby.  Normally, that trip would be a few stops at a drive-thru, and I managed to avoid it all.  When a few of us met at Denny’s, I didn’t order anything but a soda (oops, see issue on Resolution 5).

Resolution 7:  Stop with the Red Meat (Only 12 Times)

Work to do here.  I did clear the fridge of it all.  I already miss bacon.

Resolution 8:  Save 10%

Too early on this one.

Resolution 9:  100,000 Words

The blog doesn’t count.  So my count so far in 2023 is, 0.  That’s gotta change.  This week.  I have old work and old outlines to work with here.

Resolution 10:  Redacted

I offer a redacted updated to the redacted resolution that so many people have been texting me for information on.  Currently, this redacted resolution remains redacted, but I hope to have a unredacted update some point in the future.  Until then, I can only redact the update on this redacted resolution.

But I remain optimistic.

Until the next time, be well, everybody!

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