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Fishers Peak Sunset

Fishers Peak Sunset

Fishers Peak Sunset
Fishers Peak Sunset from Trinidad, Colorado

Fishers Peak Sunset is another image I made this week from my parent’s home in Trinidad, Colorado.  The light was beautiful, and this was the last bit of light that existed before the evening.

I made this photograph the night before the sunrise image of Fishers Peak I posted yesterday.

The shape of the mountain, with its repeating pattern of mesas, makes it an attractive subject.  It is the most prominent sight south of Trinidad.  Everywhere in the City, the peak looms over it like a watchtower.

The new dehaze filter in Adobe Lightroom also helped bring out detail in the image.  Photographing the peak from such a great distance, haze is normally a huge issue, but in this case, I was able to easily bring out the detail in the mountain.

This peak stands at 9,633 feet, pedestrian by Colorado standards, but because of the mountain’s prominence, it looks like a great, challenging, climb.

Besides being the highest point anywhere East of it in the United States, accessing the mountain peak is also a challenge.  A majority of the land to the North of the peak (in the direction I am pointing my camera) is on private property with no public access.

However, using a couple state park trails from the South, you can begin the journey from Sugarite Canyon State Park in New Mexico, North to the Lake Dorothey State Wildlife Area in Colorado and the adjoining James M. John State Wildlife Area to the peak.

It looks like a long hike but the view must be absolutely incredible!  The Colorado flatlands lie to the East and the Sangro de Cristo range of the Rocky Mountains lie to the West.

Thank you for reading and I hope you enjoy the image.

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