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Fishers Peak at Sunrise from Trinidad Colorado

Fishers Peak at Sunrise

Fishers Peak Sunrise from Trinidad
Photograph from a very cold sunrise morning from my parent’s front yard in Trinidad, Colorado. Fishers Peak is the mountain in the background.

I took this photograph a couple mornings ago while on Christmas vacation at my parent’s home.  They moved to Trinidad, Colorado, after retiring this Summer.  Fishers Peak is a very interesting formation, with several mesas that form the mountain.  The mountain dominates the South-facing view of the City of Trinidad.

Fishers Peak is just over the Colorado-New Mexico border and has the distinction that no point East of it in the entire United States has a higher elevation.

The low temperature on this morning was 16 degrees fahrenheit, although after a few days in the cold, the temperature was not overwhelming.  While I didn’t read clouds in the forecast, I woke up about 30 minutes before sunrise realizing that the light would be quite nice!

This light was from about 10 minutes before sunrise, proving once again that the earlier you arrive, the better the image you will produce.  By the time the sun rose over the horizon, the clouds were washed out from all of the light, making a much less dramatic moment to capture.  This photograph was meant to be taken before sunrise.

This is far from a perfect photograph, and again, this image was simply made from my parent’s front yard.  But as I have said before, if you think local and own your own backyard, you can make great images!  I loved being out in the cold making this photograph!

I made several other compositions I will share very soon, including a complete panorama from Trinidad’s Simpsons Rest North of town all the way to Fishers Peak in the Southeast area.

I hope you view the image and enjoy this beautiful view in Southern Colorado.

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