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Trinidad Sign Simpson’s Rest

Trinidad Sign Simpson’s Rest

Trinidad Sign Simpson's Rest
Trinidad Sign Simpson’s Rest

Photographing the Trinidad Sign at Simpson’s Rest was a lot of fun.  Each day spending the holidays with my family in Trinidad, Colorado, I climbed the City’s iconic overlook called Simpson’s Rest.  This bluff was named after an early resident named George Simpson.

The hike is simple, straight-forward, and slightly steep, but overall an easy walk to the top.  At the top, there is a flap pole that usually has the United States Flag, a monument, and the Trinidad sign in this image.

On a cloudless day, this was a great opportunity to make a contrasty black and white photograph.  I also made a color version, but it did not have the same impact in my eyes, so I chose the black and white version as the superior image.

This sign normally lights up the night sky as well, but with it being December, the sign was rigged with a red holiday star.  Presumably, the sign is turned off so the holiday star is easily visible.

One unique thing about this overlook is that it stands directly over the City of Trinidad.  Many overlooks are seen from a distance.  The views are excellent, and in nearly every direction.  To the South, you can see the City of Trinidad, Fisher’s Peak, and the Colorado frontier from South to East.  To the West, you can see the dam for Lake Trinidad, and if you can read the topography, you can see why the City of Trinidad has a long history of flooding.

Still, capturing a haunting image of the City sign for this historic town was an outstanding way to spend a very cold December day.

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