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Sunset Cliffs on New Year’s Day 2016

One of my favorite places to spend New Year’s Day is at Sunset Cliffs Natural Park.  The park is located South of Ocean Beach, on the Pacific-facing side of the Point Loma peninsula.  Sunset Cliffs is a beautiful spot to photograph spectacular cliffs and awesome sunsets.

It was very busy this year on January 1, but there was plenty of room to walk up and down the cliffs and stop for a number of photographs.  It was exceptionally clear.  There were views of the Coronado Islands in Mexico South.  The mountaintops near Camp Pendleton could be seen North.

The clouds in the afternoon made for excellent black and white images, and as the sun was setting, the warm light made for some spectacular color images as well.  I really enjoyed the afternoon walking up and down the cliffs looking for new images.

One of my greatest images of all time was taken here on New Year’s Day 2010.  It was an unforgettable sunset with deep red clouds that I will cherish forever.  Coming here on a good afternoon will never disappoint.

I have plans in the future of creating a photography project specific to Sunset Cliffs.

Thank you for reading, and I hope you enjoy the images!


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