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Thank You

After 30 years with the Order of the Arrow, I want to thank so many people who were there along the journey.  This is not a complete list – trying to reflect on everybody who had a significant part of 3 decades is going to take some time.  More names will be added.

This list is not in any particular order.  To everybody whose names appear below, thank you.

James Arriola, Cody Barnett, Michael Bliss, Steve Bradley, Phil Brigandi, Tim Brown, Ed Cadena, Vianney Careaga, Daniel Carman, Gregg Capella, Michael Case Jr., Rick Clark, Leon Correz, Rick Correz, Nick Crosser, Brad Denbo, Vincent Despain, Bob Dixon, Donnie Eimen, Tyler Ellison, Joe Garcia, Joseph Garcia, Michael Gollner, D.J. Flaherty, Pat Gamble, Sam Garnsey, Robert Graham, Brandin Grams, Martin Hambalek, Chris Hanson, Dave Harrell, Scott Hatton, Ken Hedrick, Jack Hess, James Hermes, Chris Horn, Aaron Jones, Shawn Kasner, Karl Kaszuba, Alan Kay, Howard Kern, Larry Krikorian, Jason Langevin, Robert Langevin, Robert Malis, Shawn McCauley, Scott “Mac” McLeod, Michael Minnis, Garth Olson, Kyle Palmer, Dale Parker, Mitch Pierpoint, Jeff Posey, Ron Price, Tim Purvis, Paul Quinn, R.T. Ramage, Doug Rivard, Joe Rosenthal, Bubba Riggins, Tim Sands, Beau Sawyer, Ross Scarberry, Jerry Schneider, Steve Scott, Richard Stodola, Steve Silbiger, Nick Spencer-Berger, Mark Stickel, Frank Sydow, Jim Thomas, Darrel Timan, Bill Topkis, Dennis Underwood, Eric Underwood, Pat Walker, Kyle Waltz, Vinney Williams, Bill Woodward, Thom Zambrana

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