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ArrowCorps5 Manti-La Sal Archive

I hope to have a complete project built out in 2018 for the 10th anniversary.

The Project

The Manti-La Sal ArrowCorps5 service project was conducted June 14 – 21, 2008, in South-Central Utah removing invasive tamarisk from some of the upper watersheds of the San Rafael River, including Buckhorn Wash, Dry Wash, and Joe’s Valley Reservoir. The Manti-La Sal project was unique in that it was conducted on both National Forest Service and Bureau of Land Management lands.

The Results

Tamarisk growth was almost completely removed from 33 miles of watershed above the San Rafael River.  This was an incredibly successful project.  In particular, the Buckhorn Wash neared 100% removal as of the end of the project.  It is theorized that the invasion of tamarisk was partly responsible for the loss of a perennial spring in Buckhorn Wash.  It is possible, through continued monitoring and removal that Buckhorn could be restored to a perennial stream.

It should be noted that the amount of time, material, and resources to completely remove the tamarisk infestation of the desert southwest would be staggering.  Hundreds of thousands of miles of watershed is clogged full of millions of tamarisk with billions of seeds in the soil.

ArrowCorps5 Manti-La Sal Image Gallery (See 2008 Page For More Images)

ArrowCorps5 Manti-La Sal

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