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Project Accomplishments

The following is the After Action Report completed by the Planning Section of the ArrowCorps5 Manti-La Sal Service Project.

After Action Report
Executive Summary

Project Site: Manti La Sal
Number of participants: 145
Number of AC5 staff: 165
Number of I-Corps members: 43
Number of non scouting volunteers 110 Agency personnel
Major Accomplishments: Removal of Tamarisk on 13,000 acres or 33 miles of channel area in the
Buckhorn Wash, Joe’s Valley Reservoir and Dry Wash

Total Service Hours:
Work Project (including transportation time) – 14464 hours (310 people x 40 work hours , 43 x48
hours (2064
Project Support (outside of BSA)hours – 6200
Pre event Planning Hours – 800 hours

Economic Impact to the local community

  • $4,174 donation to the school
  • $ 53,000 Emery County
  • $15,000 Carbon County
    List of project partner organizations
    • US Forest Service
    • Bureau of Land Management
    • Emery County Weed & Pest
    • Carbon County Weed & Pest
    • Skyline Coordinated Weed Management Area
    • Utah State University Extension Service
    • Castleland Rural Conservation & Development Council
    • Emery County Water Conservancy District
    • Utah Backcountry Volunteers
    • San Rafael Conservation District
    • Canyon View Junior High School
    • Emery County School District
    • City of Huntington
    • Utah Department of Natural Resources
    • Utah State Institutional Trust Lands
    • Utah Department of Agriculture
    • Utah Department of Forestry, Fire, & State Lands
    • Utah Division of Water Quality
    • Utah Division of Wildlife Resources
    • National Park Service
    • Emery County Sheriffs Office
    • Rocky Mountain Power
    • Dow Chemical
    • Bureau of Reclamation
    • National Fish and Wildlife Foundation – Pulling Together Initiative

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