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More From Santee Lakes

More From Santee Lakes

More from Santee Lakes Recreation Preserve, the beautiful set of lakes just by my home.  The El Nino weather system has kicked in and  the rain is hitting California hard this week.  In the days leading up to this advancing weather system, the light was beautiful.

These images have been enjoyable because at this time of year, I am getting home from the office just in time to head out with my camera.  Santee Lakes closes at 5 PM this time of year, so I still need to take my “golden hour” images from the Mast Blvd bridge above Lake 2.  Still, with Sunset just before 5 PM, there is a lot of great light to be had around the lakes.

The weather calls for some major storms through the rest of the week, so it is probably time for me to really go through my Lightroom catalog to find more winners to post.  I am going to work on a new Photo Section specifically for my best images from Santee Lakes.  Living close to this beautiful park is all the reason I should build the largest portfolio from it that I can.

With this season forecasted to be a heavy storm season for Southern California, there should be plenty of beautiful, dramatic, light to make images with.

Thank you for reading, and I hope you enjoy the images!


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