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Quick Hike Through Penasquitos Creek (5 Images)

This was a quick hike through the Pensaquitos Creek area of Torrey Pines State Natural Reserve.  I went with my friends Alex and Shuwen.  It was a mediocre hike but I did make a few images below.

The Hike

The hike began at the end of Flintkote Street in Sorrento Valley.  There was a prominent sign mentioning the area as a known drug sale/use area, with phone numbers to call.  Wonderful.  A portion of the hike was on decaying asphalt before it became a traditional trail.

Because of the recent storms, the area was quite wet and muddy.  My boots were quickly caked with mud.  The marsh was nice, but not particularly picturesque with the noise from Interstate 5 and the surrounding buildings and industry in Sorrento Valley.  I enjoyed trainspotting a few runs of the Coaster.

The only treat on the hike was seeing a few very large Torrey Pines.  Along the back side (East) of the mountain where the famous trees grow, these ones were much larger than I am used to seeing.  I suspect that the mountain they sit below provides protection from the wind.  Another tell-tale part is the symmetrical growth of the tree, versus the ones on the top of the Preserve that appear to be tortured and shaped by wind and salt from the air/seaspray.

Overall, I wouldn’t really recommend this hike.  It doesn’t appear to connect to the rest of the State Preserve on a legally recognized trail, and with the proximity to buildings and the freeway, you really aren’t escaping urbanity.

That being said, I tried to make a couple decent images, and I hope you enjoy them.

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