Beautiful December Evenings In Santee

The past couple weeks have blessed San Diego with some beautiful light.  Most of my time has been spent at home in Santee, but I have a favorite spot on the Mast Blvd. bridge.  The gallery below shows a few of the images I have recently made.

Below is a gallery of images, with more explanation below.  As always, clicking on any of these images will launch the slideshow.

I have been home the last couple weeks while on vacation celebrating the holidays with my daughter.  She is now old enough to appreciate our occasional beautiful sunsets, and I have enjoyed showing her what great light looks like.

During a normal work week, I wouldn’t be able to capture these moments because I am not home early enough from the office.  It was a blessing to be home with my daughter and the opportunity to enjoy the amazing light.

Thank you for reading, and I hope you enjoy the images!

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