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October 2021 Photo of the Month: UT191

My October 2021 Photo of the Month is UT191, a beautifully decayed cabin photographed outside Henefer, Utah.

UT191 is a photograph by T.M. Schultze taken 2021 at Henefer, Utah

UT191 Background

After a very long trip in Utah for work and photography, I had a lot of images I could have selected.  The aspens along Guardsman Pass were amazing.  The lower elevation canyons featured a lot of beautiful, underappreciated landscapes.  But I kept coming back to this simple cabin, just off Utah Highway 65, in the small town of Henefer.

This image was taken on my second drive through Henefer.  Originally, I passed this cabin, took a big mental note of it, and continued on my way to Interstate 84, then Echo Canyon, and back to the Wasatch.  It was after an early snowstorm blew in to the higher elevations that I got the idea to go back.  This was a side trip on a longer drive to Idaho and eventually Utah’s Spiral Jetty.  I knew I had to include this in the itinerary.  As the storm clouds were clearing out, it provided an excellent backdrop.

Some may criticize the modern elements – there is a power line (always…) and a contemporary home on the hill.  It certainly was possible to squeeze everything out of frame – in fact I shot this at a number of focal lengths to consider later.  I didn’t feel the others quite lined up as well.  And this may rankle the dogmatic landscape photographer crowd, but I don’t mind the “distractions.”  In fact, some of the contemporary pieces add to just how rustic this cabin is, and how much it really does stand out.  I am happy with the result.

New Trip Portfolio

I created a total of 5 blog posts just on this trip, and it can be quite a bit for people to read.  So, for the TLDR crowd, I created a portfolio that includes the 60 (and counting) images I made from the trip.  I have started working on creating additional portfolios for trips from the past, but it will take me some time to include them all.

So if you just want to see the images, now you can, by clicking on this link.

Thank you for viewing, and I hope you enjoy the image.

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