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Meeting An Old Friend In The Lagunas

This week, I got to visit an old friend in San Diego County’s Laguna Mountains, our Summer monsoons.

The West has been drying out for an entire generation, a drought far worse than what affected the Ancestral Puebloan Culture that left disappeared. And it has been particularly acute this year, with what seems to be no end in sight.

Southern California has a weak monsoonal system that comes from moisture and evaporation from the Gulf of California. It has been pretty weak for several years, and that is likely affected by the 2nd consecutive La Niña weather system in the East Pacific. Storms from Summer monsoons can have a very big impact on the Southwest, and in our area, summer rains can be a welcome relief to our dry heat.

Several of these are from a favorite overlook above Storm Canyon.  It isn’t the spot with the deck installed by the US Forest Service.  It is a different turnoff that some people miss, where a very old section of Sunrise Highway exists.  I like the symmetry of the steep canyon walls that frame the lower Borrego Desert.

Some Moments In The Laguna Mountains

LM239:  Panoramic view of the lower Laguna Mountains.
LM240:  Looking over Storm Canyon into the lower Borrego Desert.
LM244:  View of Laguna Crest peaks as cloud shadows paint the dry side of the massif.
LM249:  Looking over Storm Canyon as clouds form over the Borrego desert.
LM251 - Laguna Mountains
LM251:  View above Storm Canyon in the Laguna Mountains, with beautiful monsoonal clouds over the desert floor.
LM262:  View West from Laguna Crest, as the line of monsoonal clouds demarcates the sky between clear and overcast.
LM266 - Laguna Mountains
LM266:  Desert monsoonal clouds over the lower Borrego Desert from Kwaaymii Point on Laguna Crest in San Diego County.
ME152:  Beautiful clouds over the Laguna Mountains
LM273 - Laguna Mountains
LM273:  Beautiful monsoonal cloud formation behind the foothills that form the Laguna Mountain range in San Diego County.

As always, thank you for reading, and I hope you enjoy the images.

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