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Ban Plastic Shopping Bags

Ban Plastic Shopping Bags


I have used my last plastic shopping bag.  As 2016 approaches, one of my goals is to stop using or allowing retailers to use plastic shopping bags for my groceries and items.

It seems like a hassle, but purchasing high quality shopping bags is not that difficult.  They are a one-time expense, especially if you purchase good bags that will last.  I purchased my bags on Amazon, and when I found the three (3) bags I originally purchased were not enough, I simply ordered another three (3).

Cotton shopping bags
Why use lousy plastic shopping bags when you can purchase a quality bag.

The bags I selected are large cotton bags with bottle sleeves.  They have a heavy canvas feel, and you’ll never need to double-bag because they are extremely strong!  The added benefit is that I don’t just use these bags for groceries.  I often use them for travel and to keep my items organized.  The bags are easy to clean and launder.  I find the price to be well worth the price.

Some communities are already banning plastic shopping bags, but the vast majority of communities will continue using these bags well into the future.

Consider the impact of our wide use of plastic in our environment.  Plastic does not biodegrade, rather, it photodegrades, meaning that it breaks into smaller and smaller pieces.  Despite efforts from many communities to monetize recycling, the vast majority of our plastic ends up in a landfill or a drainage.

The Great Pacific Ocean Garbage Patch is created by the amount of plastic that ends up in the ocean, with the vortex created by the ocean’s normal circulation.  It is likely that similar phenomena can be found in the Atlantic and Indian Oceans.

Do the right thing and stop using these plastic shopping bags, and simply bring your own to the grocery store!  You will help the environment, create less trash at home, and help the businesses you frequent save costs.

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