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Latest Blog Posts My name is T.M. Schultze and I am a San Diego Fine Art Landscape Photographer, traveler, and writer. My favorite subjects include photographing Greater San Diego, as well as documenting our United States National Parks and other protected public lands. I write in my Blog as well as Pages on my website, … Read more

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Joshua Tree Photo Guide – Down To The Wire

The Photographer’s Guide To Joshua Tree National Park will be coming out next month! It is a delight to be able to create a Joshua Tree Photo Guide for the public to use. On behalf of my co-author, Jeremy Long, I am very excited for the first edition release. The Guide will be available in multiple formats, Ibooks, Kindle, Nook, and a PDF edition. All should be readable on the device of your choice.

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Partnering in Photography

In about six months, I am planning to co-author my first book, the Photographer’s Guide To Joshua Tree National Park. My co-author and lifelong friend, Jeremy Long are extremely excited to bring this project to fruition. Speaking for myself, I can’t wait to finish this guide for artists and photographers everywhere to enjoy. I am also … Read more