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Unprocessed Sunday: Out and About in San Diego

Continuing my Unprocessed Sunday series, I find overlooked images in my Adobe Lightroom Classic catalog that I have never processed. Last week, I looked at Joshua Tree National Park, and two weeks ago, an image per year from 2006 – 2021. This week, I am focusing locally in San Diego.

Greater San Diego has been my home since August 1997, when I moved here from Yucaipa, California to attend college. Having been here almost 25 years, this feels like more of a hometown than where I grew up.  So much of this is an acknowledgement of why I moved here and accepted the expensive cost of living.  California is the most ecologically diverse State in the Country, and I often wonder if San Diego is one of the most ecologically diverse cities.  So from the coast to the hills, here are a few images I would like to share in this post.

2018:  WND32 – Windansea’s Surf Shack is both iconic and tired as a subject.  For all the hours I have spent at Windansea, I have only photographed it a few times.  Because there are already thousands upon thousands of those images available.  Alas, this is Unprocessed Sunday, so here is one I never paid much attention to but decided to process now.
2020:  SDRP52 – San Dieguito River Park is quite underrated.  I shot this on a quick hike with my friend Alex.  He got a better morning image a few days later, but I realized I had never processed any of my images.
2017:  SD105 – I have so many images of these pelicans, with sun-rays peeking through the clouds.  It would eventually end in a very nice sunset but I hadn’t taken the time to really go through the afternoon images before.
2019:  MTRP88 – what a different a few months make, every single year.  This March hillside photograph in Mission Trails Regional Park is beautifully green and vibrant, and processing the image in August, the hills don’t look like this at all.  Especially in a really dry year.
2017:  SD78 – Photographed well into the evening when a moment arrived with no people in frame.  This is definitely an over-photographed subject of the Lily Pond and the Botanical Building at Balboa Park, which is why I probably never sat down to process it before.
2009:  SD67 – Capturing heavy surf at Sunset Cliffs was often a lot of fun, and occasionally not fun if I got hit by an unexpected wave.  I don’t believe this was one of the latter times, but a very nice afternoon and sunset here.
2019: MRTP45 – I love fence-lines, and I love clouds. This was a wonderful scene from Mission Trails Regional Park, with a dark, threatening, cloud coming in. I felt this lined up nicely.

As always, thank you very much for reading, and I hope you enjoyed the images.

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