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Unprocessed Sunday: More From The Vault

Unprocessed Sunday is back as I seek to find more images from the vault that I have never touched. In this post, I located images from the years 2006 to the present.  Not a single image here was ever touched or processed until I created this blog post.

So yes, there are images as old as 15 years that were edited for the first time.

RRC5 2006:  RRC5 – Sunset during a December Storm at Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area outside of Las Vegas, Nevada.
ZNP7 2007:  ZNP7 – View of The Sentinel and the Altar of Sacrifice from the Canyon Overlook in Zion National Park.  The Zion-Mount Carmel Highway makes its way to the Tunnel in the canyon below.
JT11 2008:  JT11 – Sun rays from storm clouds at Keys View in Joshua Tree National Park
DV22 2009:  DV22 – Clouds over the Death Valley ranges South of Stovepipe Wells.  For scale, look for the vehicles to see how big these mountains are.
LM22 2010:  LM22 – Beautiful monsoonal cloud and moon from the third turnout on Sunrise Highway in the Laguna Mountains.
ML21 2011:  ML21 – Midnight at the South Tufas at Mono Lake, looking West towards the Eastern Sierra Nevada Range and the far Eastern reaches of Yosemite National Park.  One of these days, I should blog about the owl that almost attached me thirty minutes earlier here.
SD88 2012:  SD88 – Surf and spray in the afternoon at San Diego’s Sunset Cliffs Natural Park.
JT39 2013:  JT39 – Night over the Coachella Valley from Keys View in Joshua Tree National Park.
OH12 2014:  OH12 – Ohio State Capitol Building, Columbus, Ohio.
JT51 2015:  JT51 – Sunset on a backlit Temple Rock formation in Joshua Tree National Park.
MTRP34 2016:  MTRP34 – Late afternoon at Lake Murray, a part of Mission Trails Regional Park.
ME26 2017:  ME26 – Beautiful last light on a storm cloud at Santee Lakes Recreation Preserve.
Buckhorn Dinosaur Print 2018:  Dinosaur Print hidden at Buckhorn Draw in Utah’s San Rafael Swell.
HW28 2019:  HW28 – Beautiful sunset at Shark’s Cove at Pupukea Beach Park in Oahu, Hawaii.
LM93 2020:  LM93 – Beautiful Black Oak in a scenie mountain afternoon in San Diego County’s Laguna Mountains.
ME104 2021:  ME104 – Crescent Moon in beautiful sunset light in Santee, California.

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