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September 2022 Photo of the Month: LJ49

My September 2022 Photo of the Month is LJ49, photographed at La Jolla’s famous Hospitals Reef.

View of rock patterns at La Jolla’s Hospitals Reef during a morning moonset.

LJ49 Background

This may not be my favorite Photo of the Month I have posted.  I actually had a couple images from the interesting weather we have had in September, from the Laguna Mountains.  But because my last couple Photo of the Month posts came from the Lagunas, I decided I needed to focus on something else,

My Photo Club had an early outing at La Jolla’s Hospitals Reef, and I thought I would give it a shot.  The tide was low.  There was a moonset.  And I have previously enjoyed coming here in the morning, whereas the sunsets at Hospitals have gotten tired online.

While everybody likes to go for the same potholes and the same channel, much of the group thankfully split up and found different spots.  The morning didn’t light up quite like I hoped, and the marine layer was a little thicker than I expected.

But I loved this hippo-looking rock, which isn’t always exposed.  The moonset may have been a little distracting, and I debated whether I even wanted it in a final image.  My longer exposures up to 30 seconds created the proverbial “Moon egg” problem as the moon rotated on its orbital axis.

Overall, this is something from the coast, which I have largely avoided during the pandemic due to perceived crowds.  While the pandemic isn’t over, it probably is time to stretch out and see a little more of our beautiful California Coast.

As always, thank you for viewing, and I hope you enjoy the image.

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