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October 2022 Photo of the Month: EC76

My October 2022 Photo of the Month is EC76, photographed at an overlook along the Eastern shore of Lake Henshaw in San Diego County.

EC76 is a photograph by T.M. Schultze taken 2022 at Lake Henshaw, California


EC76 Background

I got myself back doing something I haven’t done in a while – a simple one-day roadtrip.  I have mostly stayed home during the pandemic, and limited most of my travels.  Then gas prices became quite prohibitive.  But I am still WFH1, and I realized I could spare the expense of using up a tank of gas.

With a storm blowing through the County, I decided on a quick loop.  I went North to Temecula, then went East along State Route 79.  I did a quick trip up State Route 371 through Anza to look for possible spots on a future trip, then headed back on Route 79 to Warner Springs.  Here, I decided the late afternoon had some interesting light, so I headed over to Lake Henshaw.

There are a couple vantage points along State Route 76 and another on County Route S7.  It was along one quick stop on Route 76 that I found some beautiful light and shadow below the clouds.  The lake is smaller than peak, of course, due to drought and the time of the year.  I waited for some time to see if there would be even more drama, but as the sun was getting very low, I decided to enjoy what I had and head home.

I only used a half-tank of gas in my Subaru Forester, so it did motivate me to consider getting out on these small trips a little more going forward.

As always, thank you for viewing, and I hope you enjoy the image.

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