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Mountains, Clouds, and Rainbows

I took a trip to the Laguna Mountains during a San Diego storm, hoping for some dramatic weather up in the mountains.  I didn’t get what I wanted, but I still ended up with some fun images I wasn’t expecting.

View over Oriflamme Mountain and the desert mountains from San Diego County’s Sunrise Highway.

Sometimes, the clouds make it over Laguna Crest and provide cloud cover for the Borrego Desert. I’ve written about this before, and it was indeed one of those days. I didn’t see anything that inspired me photographically, so I did the next best thing. I took a long nap in my car. It was quite nice and relaxing.

It became clear to me, though, that I wasn’t going to get any dramatic weather up in these parts.  A great sunset also wasn’t likely here.  So I began my drive down the hill and out to Interstate 8.  What I wasn’t expecting was some nice color and more precipitation as I got lower in elevation.

On To Wildwood Glen Lane

With water out and about, one of my old stomping grounds along Old Highway 80 was particularly nice.

Stretch of Old Highway 80 along Wildwood Glen Lane as a rainbow lies overhead during a clearing storm in San Diego County.

I actually tried to get a full panorama of the rainbow over Old Highway 80, but with the falloff and distortion that is native to any wide lens, the associated stitching curved what is actually a straight line where the concrete was poured.  So I decided that would not work and this half rainbow is what you get.

View of Wildwood Glen Lane after sunset, with some beautiful light and some highlight blowouts on the horizon.
View of Wildwood Glen Lane after sunset, with some beautiful light and some highlight blowouts on the horizon.

With a modern sense of travel, it is difficult to imagine that this 2-lane road service all West-East traffic from San Diego to Yuma.  This wasn’t a proper “sunset,” but I enjoyed watching the light fade, with some pretty storm clouds.  Just when the light was nice and golden, all of a sudden, it was gone!

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