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May 2022 Photo of the Month: MTRP190

My May 2022 Photo of the Month is MTRP190, a photo taken at Mission Trails Regional Park’s Lake Murray.

MTRP190 is a photograph by T.M. Schultze taken 2022 at Lake Murray, San Diego, California

MTRP190 Background

For a number of reasons, I continue to make fewer and fewer photographs. Too expensive to travel, too challenging to get time off, and we are in the middle of another COVID surge that I think most people are flying blind into.

So on that note, any work with my camera continues to be hyperlocal. Friend and Reader Alex did take me up to the Lagunas one evening to Foster Point, which is always a very nice visit. And the dinner place in Descanso still had outside dining, thank you very much!

Like everybody else, I also photographed the lunar eclipse. I have lost count how many, at this point, but beyond the ridiculous hype (Wolf Blood Supermoon! Or something…), it is always a nice sight.  I also photographed the 4 brightest objects in the night sky in a single image (Full disclosure, I only saw it because I woke up early to go get Starbucks….).

Part of this super-drought, and I can assure you that is no hype, it does feel that our local weather has been consistently dull. We still get the onshore flow that is seasonal and keeps the temperatures down.  But beyond that, a lot of clear, dry, skies with little end in sight.

Finally, at the end of this month, we had an afternoon with the kind of beautiful clouds that I enjoy pairing with a nice landscape. I also like to do what I call, Map-Fillers. I extensively use the Map Module in Adobe Lightroom Classic, paired with my Nikon GPS Receiver. So a Map-Filler are a set of images to cover areas I am “missing” in my collection.

In my quest to find something a little different than I usually photograph, I realized that I hadn’t photographed much of the North end of Lake Murray. Most people don’t realize the lake is part of Mission Trails Regional Park.  It can be easy to overlook because of the perception that there is too much development around it for a nature photograph. But look, and you shall be rewarded.

I walked part of the San Carlos Arm, Cowles Bay, and Del Cerro Bay.  However, my Photo of the Month ended up being a spot I have been to several times before, at Padre Bay. This was simply a nice, quiet, afternoon, with nobody to bother me and a respite from a very busy world.

As always, thank you for reading, and I hope you enjoy the image.

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