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Early Impressions of Northern Utah

I am on assignment in Northern Utah, and wanted to share a week’s worth of early images.

With help from one of my closest friends, I am working and exploring Northern Utah (with a dash of Wyoming) over the next few weeks and I already have a lot of images to work through. Since I want to blog about these trips more, I have decided that I will do these 12 at a time, similar to what you would expect for tracks on an album.

These images vary from Salt Lake City, to the Wasatch/Unitas Ranges, and a little Wyoming thrown in. Once I have 12 more images ready to go, I will share an additional post.

Fall Color is definitely a big focus right now.  At this moment, the maples are at peak or post-peak.  The Aspens have reached peak at the high elevations, and thankfully there has been no significant wind to remove the leaves.  The Aspens at the lower elevations are still green, and the Cottonwoods have not turned yet, so there is much more to enjoy coming up.

Without further ado, here is a first run of 12 images.

SLC12 – Entrance to Mt. Olivet Cemetery in Salt Lake City.  I was able to locate my 3rd great grandfather who was laid to rest there in 1925.
WS10 – Photograph of Pine and Aspen forest near Guardmans Pass and the Bloods Lake Trail in Utah’s Wasatch Mountains near Park City.
WS12 – Mixed forest in the Wasatch Mountains with Fall color beginning.
WS36 – Fall color in glowing yellow in a deep evergreen forest.
WS38 – View of a beautiful aspen and pine forest as Fall Color begins in the Wasatch Mountains. This was taken along the Bloods Lake Trail North of Park City, Utah.
WYM1 – View of the Bear River Pond in Evanston Wyoming.  Mildly interesting but I only came here because I had not previously been to Wyoming.
WYM4 – Bear River along the river walk in Evanston, Wyoming.
UT12 – View of Fall color along Summit County’s Bear River in Utah along Highway 150.
UT23 – View of Bald Mountain along the Mirror Lake Scenic Byway at over 10,700 feet.
UT29 – North-facing view of Lilly Lake along Utah’s beautiful Mirror Lake Scenic Byway, Highway 150, in the Uinta Mountains.  Unfortunately, the bark beetle that devastated California forests 15-20 years ago is now doing the same in Utah and Colorado.
PC5 – Vintage home on steel beams amidst construction in the Rossy Hill area of Park City.
WS63 – Sunset light makes it through the dense forest of the Wasatch Crest Trail in the Wasatch National Forest.

As always, thank you for reading and viewing, and I hope you enjoy the images.

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  1. Thank you for that, Tracy! Fall is under way here and I really need to get out to the mountains and woodlands to see more. I wish I’d spent more time in Northern Utah but I did what I did and I’m happy with it.


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