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Another Dispatch From The Wasatch

In this post, I am including 12 new images after the peak of Fall Color has passed In the Wasatch, but the crowds remain, and I seek other areas to explore.

Apparently I have missed some crazy weather in San Diego, with single days of .50″ of rain and more lightning strikes than I have seen there in 25 years. Some inclement weather is coming soon to Northern Utah, and the Fall Color craze is winding down as many of the aspens are dropping leaves.

This is a new set of 12 images I have taken. I decided this morning to leave Guardsman Pass in the past – the trailheads were already full at 8 AM, on a Tuesday. Time to go find some new places. A couple of these images are from the past, and some others are from various wandering.

WS26 – Pines and Aspens reach for the sky during a beautiful cloudy sunset.
UT116 – Igneous extrusion and rock formation outside of the communities of Wanship and Coalville in North Utah.
UT160 – Beautiful trees in an open meadow near the communities of Hoytsville and Wanship in Northern Utah.
UT122 – The Rail Trail, originally from the Union Pacific Railroad, through the community of Wanship in Northern Utah.
WS118 – View of Upper Deer Valley post-peak of fall color on a beautiful afternoon.
UT144 Old route 40 running just North of the present highway in Daniels Canyon in Utah Southeast of Heber.
UT138 – View of Three Forks Canyon North of Daniels Summit near US Route 40 in Utah.
WS126 – One last beautiful look at the Eastern Aspens below Guardsman Pass, a little past peak but still glowing wonderfully in morning light.
WS122 – Lots of cabins and small homes can be found hiding in the hills in the Wasatch Mountains
WS131  Counter: Let’s do some monochome during Fall Color. Peaks above Cottonwood Canyon on the front side of the Wasatch Mountains.
WS134 – Bigger view of Cottonwood Canyon as it descends into the metropolis of Greater Salt Lake City.
WS130 – Peaks above the highest point of Cottonwood Canyon in Utah’s Wasatch Mountains.

As always, thank you for reading, and I hope you enjoy the images.

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