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Morning Clearing Storm at Figueroa Mountain (12 Images)

Figueroa Mountain Valley

This morning, I spent a stormy Spring morning up at Figueroa Mountain north of Santa Barbara near Los Olivos, California.  While I was a little late for the California Spring wildflower season in 2016, I knew that California Poppies tend to bloom late and I could take advantage of the storm clearing most of the … Read more

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Photography In San Diego Weather

Weather is tough to predict, even for meteorologists.  Landscape photographers have the challenging task of reading the weather and deciding when to get their gear out and when to wait for another day.

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Skyfire – A Review of the App

Skyfire – A Review of the App One of my photography friends, Matthew Kuhns, has released a new app called Skyfire.  The app has appeared on Petapixel, so it has already received a good amount of promotion so far. As a user of the app, I thought I would include a few notes about the … Read more