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Naruwan Taiko Drummers # 12, by T.M. Schultze

Naruwan Taiko Drumming Performance (14 Images)

At a Scouting event held locally in San Diego’s Mission Bay (San Diego Youth Aquatic Center), the Naruwan Taiko performed in front of over 500 people.  Their performance was excellent.  In hindsight, I should have set up video to share with everyone.  I did create still images of this very impressive group in action.

Their performance is loud, rhythmic, and athletic.  If you haven’t seen a taiko drumming performance, it is remarkable.  Memories of Kishin Daiko performing at Section Conclaves in the early 2000s was the catalyst to invite this drumming team to be a part of the Saturday night show.  While I don’t post a lot of images from Scouting events on my photography blog, I thought the drumming performance was too cool to not share.

Overall, their performance was about 30 minutes and included several songs.  They also got an assist from the audience during their final song and earned a standing ovation from the crowd.  I had a lot of freedom of movement along the Youth Aquatic Center stage, which enabled me to capture various parts of their performance from a variety of angles.  I needed my flash unit and a quick shutter speed to catch them still before they moved too quickly (and they move fast!).

If you are interested in having Naruwan Taiko perform at your event, email them at naruwantaiko@gmail.com.  They are great people and excellent to work with.

Thank you for reading, and I hope you enjoy the images.