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Best of 2022 Blog Posts

The following are recommended reading for photographers and people who would rather not use social media (like me):

Stefan Baeurle: Top 10 Favorites of 2022

Alyce Bender: Review of 2022: Top Images

Rush Bishop: 2022 – The year in Pictures

Johann A. Briffa: 2022: A Photographic Retrospective

John Clark: My Favorite Photo of 2022

Gary Crabbe: My Favorite Photos

Drake Dyck: Top Ten (favourite) Photos of 2022

Derrald Farnsworth-Livingston: Top 10 Favorite Images From 2022

Jackson Frishman: Favorites of 2022

Michael Frye: My Top Photographs of 2022

Charlotte Gibb: My Best Photographs of 2022

Mark Graf: Twenty Twenty-Two

Bob Henry: Favorite Images of 2022

Todd Henson: Best Photos of 2022: My Favorites Of The Year

Jeffrey Hubbard: Favorite Photos 2022

Alexander S. Kunz: My Favorite Photos from 2022

Alan Majchrowicz: Photo Highlights of 2022

Dianne Milliard: Below the 49th Parallel – My Favorites

Matt Payne: The Best Photographs of 2022

Michael Russell: My Top 10 Photographs From 2022

T.M. Schultze: My Favorite Photographs of 2022

JW Smith: 2022 Review – Light, Texture, Contrast

Jao van de Lagemaat: Best Images of 2022

Greg Vaughn: Top 10 for 2022

Felix Wesch: Fotorückblick 2022

Caleb Weston: My Favorites: The Highlights of 2022

Tom Whelan: Twelve From 2022

Lynn Wohlers: 2022 Wrap-Up

This list is a continuation of Jim Goldstein’s fantastic annual favorites project, which showcases blog posts from photographers on their person Top Images each year.

If you are not on last year’s 2021 List and would like to be included this year, just Contact Me with your post URL and I would be happy to add it.

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