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WordPress Plugin To Disable Gutenberg

I have been reading about WordPress 5.0 and Gutenberg, which will be launching very soon (current WP version is 4.9.5).  Gutenberg appears to be a huge upgrade with an interface that is jarring, difficult to use, and can be difficult to work with due to the block-level elements.

I like to stay 100% current on the WordPress Core, plugins, and themes.  However, the Gutenberg interface is going to take time to get used to.  I am not sure I will ever like using it.

So on that note, I wanted to highlight this new plugin called Classic Editor:


This plugin will allow you to essentially disable Gutenberg in WordPress 5, allowing you to enjoy the editor that frankly wasn’t really broken to being with.  Because of how large of an upgrade is coming with WordPress 5.0, I have no doubt there will be bugs, incompatibilities, and other issues.  This gives you a chance to continue being productive.

Another good thing about the plugin is that you can choose when to enable to disable it.  Say you want to give Gutenberg a chance on a post or two, you can disable Classic Editor and work on a few blocks.  If you’re frustrated, enable Classic Editor again and you can go back to writing the way you have been doing for years.

I have read there seems to be a divide in the WordPress community regarding Gutenberg.  I am not sure this is true – it seems it is universally negative.  While the core team has embraced this new editor, the community has not.  I am withholding judgment, albeit with some doubt.  I am thankful that Andrew Ozz has taken the time to build this plugin for the community.

Please note:  At the moment of this post, the plugin is still being beta tested.  With the impending update to WordPress 5.0, I believe it should be out of beta very soon.

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