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September 2018 Photo of the Month: LM3

My September 2018 Photo of the Month is LM3, a black and white photography of Garnet Peak from Foster Point in San Diego County’s Laguna Mountains.

LM3 by T.M. Schultze
LM3 by T.M. Schultze

LM3 Background

Autumn arrived after what seemed to be a Summer with little weather to speak of.  Last weekend, we had beautiful clouds forming over the Laguna Mountains, and I spent most of the weekend in San Diego County’s high places.

Foster Point is located just off the Pacific Crest Trail, making it an easy and quick hike from Sunrise Highway.  Garnet Peak is my favorite peak in San Diego County (and I was sitting on top of it the previous evening making some night photos with my friend Aly).

In the background is possibly my second favorite peak, Granite Mountain.  It sits in shadow, and is often picturesque in these conditions because of side light.  It faces directly North from several overlooks.

This photograph was made in the afternoon.  As the light shifted, there were some subtle light shafts.  These were easier to see in camera than with the naked eye.  It added a slight idea of drama as these clouds headed to the deserts below.

This image is named LM3.  The “LM” stands for the Laguna Mountains.  Thinking up a unique title for every photograph was getting a bit tiresome.  I don’t think this takes away from the image, Gursky’s famous photograph (and the entire series) is called Rhein 2, after all.  If it works for Gursky, it definitely will work for me.

I also think this simple naming convention will come in handy as I build more Portfolios on my website and when I begin printing these as releases.

As always, thank you for reading, and I hope you enjoy the image.

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